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Dr. Zeba Sultan 26 Jun 2018 706 Views

A very commonly asked question to me is how to maintain the weight-loss? Like a lot of patients complain that after any diet programs they have followed the weight comes back. Having lost 10 kgs myself I do understand the struggle.
Yes, I agree the weight does come back if you start adopting your previous unhealthy habits. However, I do understand that once in a while a little cheating should be allowed. Hence I have come up with some tips for you so that you will not go astray after you have achieved your goal. Follow the tips that are mentioned below and your weight will never come back!!

  • Keep a diary of your eating and your feeding pattern. Document everything that you think before you eat. It describes how you feel health wise as you progress. Describe how you feel when you cheat yourself.
  •  If you are going to a restaurant, decide ahead of time what you will be eating. Stick to it.
  •  Eat slowly. Enjoy the flavour of the food you eat.
  • Don’t think that just because you are eating low fat/low calorie foods that you can eat all that you want. The calories still add up and must be burned off regardless of what kind of food you eat. Balance is the key to success.
  •  Never starve yourself, especially before going out (or you will binge). Never skip meals, you must have some kind of nourishment regularly and your body’s starvation defences will kick in lower your metabolism and store fat.
  • Eat several mini-meals during the day, rather than 3 large meals. It helps one to avoid eating until they are ‘stuffed’ and also reduces drops in the blood sugar levels.
  •  Fiber is excellent for health. Not only does it make you feel full; it encourages bowel evacuation, which cleans out your system.
  •  Trim all fats from meats, remove skin from chicken. Before you put a snack or an extra helping in your mouth ask yourself. “Am I really hungry?”
  •  When you get the urge to eat when not truly hungry go to do some things (Go for a walk, call up your friend, write a letter). Try to accomplish some small things instead of going backwards on your diet. Try jogging in place for just 3 mins when you think you might go sneak a snack. It will give you time to think about what you are doing.
  •  Prevent yourself from binge eating or eating something that is not good for you by simply asking yourself, “Will it hinder the hard work and accomplishment I’ve achieved this far?”
  •  Do not eat late at night. During sleep the body’s metabolism slows down, fewer calories are burnt and much of the food goes in storage as fat. Dinner should be the smallest and not the largest meal of the day.

Add a bit of exercise to the above and you are good to go! 30-45 minutes of regular exercise along with a balanced and conscious eating pattern will make sure that you will never gain back your weight!
Keep reading my blogs and all your feedback is always welcome!

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