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Belezza Health And Beauty Services is a registered LLP, founded by Dt. Mehtab Zaheer Saudagar & Dr. Zeba Sultan after years of real life experience in the field of fitness.

The LLP is formed on 5th July 2017 and the focus of the LLP is to bring about a positive change in the lives of the people. It is formed to utilize their expertise in the best possible and effective way to help people reduce weight and relieve them from the problems like infertility and help manage illness like heart diseases, kidney problems, cholesterol, Blood pressure.

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Belezza Health Blogs
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  • Sugarcane



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Belezza Programs


PCOS, polycystic ovarian Syndrome also called as PCOD, Polycystic ovarian disease is a condition in which women have problem with their hormones resulting in irregular menstrual cycle. This in turn le.. ..Read More

Highest Wt. Loss

30 Kg

Lowest Wt. Loss

25 Kg

Avg. Wt. Loss

20 Kg


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