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Guidelines for fasting

  • Allowed food items:
  • Kuttu ka aata(Buckwheat flour) and banyard millet(Sama chawal)—100 -150 gms/day
  • Sweet potato 2 pieces throughout the day.
  • Paneer(250 gms/day), cow’s milk(2 glasses) and yoghurt(2 cups) is allowed
  • Vegetables allowed: Spinach, bottle gourd(doodhi), tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and raw papaya
  • Makhana, Almond, pistas ,cashew nuts are allowed a handful a day.
  • Fresh fruits allowed(2 bowls per day)


Food items to be avoided:

  • Do not indulge in starchy and deep fried foods.
  • Avoid potatoes, yams (suran), arbi (colocasia), sabu dana (tapioca) and raw bananas.
  • Avoid bananas, chickoos, custard apple, mango and grapes.
  • Do not have fried puris and pakoras.
  • Avoid sugary foods and coconut (sweets, milk etc).


Other points to remember:

  • Drink a lot of water. 3-4 litres daily.
  • Have something every 3 hours to avoid acidity and starvation.
  • Go light on spices and oil/butter/ghee.
  • If constipated make sure you have isabgol at night with a glass of warm water.



Fasting Diet

Early morning Immediately after waking up have a glass(250 ml) of luke warm water without brushing teeth.
Morning Breakfast A glass of cow’s milk and a bowl of fresh fruits
Mid morning  Green tea (1 cup)
Afternoon 15 mins prior to lunch Have 2tsp isabghol with 1 cup dahi(curd)
Lunch 1.     1 bowl salad (Tomato, carrot, beetroot, cucumber )


2.     1 bowl of doodhi soup


3.     Also you may have roasted paneer(1 cup)


Mid-afternoon/early evening Munch on these. Required since you are anaemic. 1.     5 almonds (deskinned) and 2 walnuts and 8-10 black raisins
Evening Last meal


15 mins prior to dinner have 2 tsp isabghol powder with 1 cup dahi


1.     1 bowl salad (Tomato, carrot, beetroot, cucumber )


2.     1 bowl of doodhi soup


3.     Sama chawal(banyard millet)/kuttu aata dosa



Category Of Food Item List of Food Item to avoid
Fruits 1.     Banana

2.     Chickoo

3.     Custard apple

4.     Grapes

5.     Mango

Vegetables 1.     Potatoes

2.     Peas

3.     Sweet potato

4.     Cooked carrot and beetroot

5.     Raw banana

6.     Yam(suran and arbi)

7.     Sweet corn

Cereals NA
Pulses and legumes NA
Non-veg NA
Dairy products 1.     Cheese

2.     Butter

3.     Ghee

4.     High fat buffalo milk

Alcohol NA
Drinks 1.     Aerated drinks

2.     Juices with added sugar

3.     Sugary drinks

Sugar Use stevia leaves or drops instead of normal sugar
Packaged and processed foods Avoid all ready to cook meals and packaged foods.

No cakes, pastries and biscuits.


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