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Guidelines for Diwali

  • Sweets are hard to resist and during Diwali, when there is plenty of colourful sweets everywhere, it becomes even harder to resist. Remember the fact that sugar is the reason for obesity and so it is always advisable to keep the intake of sugar and starch minimal.


  • Specially stay away from sweets that use chemical preservatives, because the intake of such preservatives can cause damage to our kidneys and liver. It can also cause asthma attacks and cancer.


  • Avoid sweets that have ‘silver’ coating. Such foils are often adulterated by aluminium and aluminium being a hazardous metal can accumulate in our body tissues and can also enter the brain


  • Craving sweets? Then chop a banana in a bowl, add honey, black pepper powder, salt and eat to satiate your sweet cravings. It works every time. To make it more nutritious or to add more sweetness you can always add chopped dried fruits like figs and raisins or berries.


  • While cooking in the kitchen during a festival, snacking is quite common. To make these impromptu snacking healthier, keep apples or pear cubes dipped in honey ready on the kitchen counter.


  • Never cook on an empty stomach. This is a sure-fire way to crave your favourite goodies. Instead have a bowl of cereal topped with fresh or dried fruits before you step into the kitchen. Apply the same principle while grocery shopping.


  • Refrain from eating meat during Diwali. This will just add to your calorie count. But if you must eat it, balance the calories in another meal or eat roasted chicken breast or steamed fish flavoured with herbs and spices.
  • Grill some vegetables to eat with dinner.


  • All Sugars Raw, brown, white they all break down into the same molecules and have the same number of kilojoules.


  • All white flour, Maida and refined grains virtually all packaged and processed foods—soups, sauces, cereals, and bread it sneaks almost everything that’s packaged.


  • Pre-packaged desserts


  • Soft drinks and shake mixes


  • Instant teas and coffees


  • Topping mixes


  • Fruit yoghurts (laden with sugars)


  • Artificial sweetness- the major selling point of sweeteners is as a diet aid   yet ironically research suggests that aspartame & other sugar substitutes make little difference in the battle of the bulge & the epidemic of obesity continues unabated.


  • Do not indulge in starchy and deep fried foods.


  • Avoid potatoes, yams (suran), arbi (colocasia), sabu dana (tapioca) and raw bananas.


You can take:

  • Sweeteners like: Agave Nectar, Organic maple syrup, Date Syrup, Brown rice Syrup, and Stevia. You can also have option of Raw organic Honey (it must never be heated).


  • Raw unsalted nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, macadamia, walnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and pine nuts they are full of magnesium for beautiful skin plus they balance out blood sugar levels and keep you satisfied for longer.


  • Dates, Figs -they are nature’s desserts, laden with nutrients. However stick to 2 dates and 2 pieces figs.


  • Bananasand oranges (This week to keep you sweet craving in check bananas are allowed).


  • Grapes and prunes.



  • Dark bitter chocolates.


Other points to remember:

  • Drink a lot of water. 3-4 litres daily.
  • Have something every 2 hours in little portions and so not eat too much at one time.
  • Go light on sugars and oil/butter/ghee.
  • If constipated make sure you have isabgol at night with a glass of warm water.



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